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Fr. Barry's Easter Message

At Easter time we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus who rose from the darkness of death into the bright promise of Life everlasting. The Risen Lord, represented by the Paschal candle, invites us all to leave behind the darkness of sin, by renouncing and rejecting everything in our lives that is wrong or selfish. On Easter day, as disciples joined together by our baptism, we resolve to “walk always as children of the light”, following in the footsteps of Our Risen Lord. And once again, having renewed our baptismal promises, to reject darkness, evil and sin, we resolve to follow Jesus Christ, by living lives of goodness and love, shaped by his own powerful example. In this resolve we are supported and guided by the Holy Spirit, whom the Risen Jesus promised to share with us and on whom we can always rely for help. May this Easter find you all, filled with the same joy and awe as those disciples who witnessed first-hand the empty tomb. On behalf of the Catholic Police Guild I wish you all a very Blessed Easter. Alleluia!

Fr. Barry Lomax The National Chaplain.

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