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CPG Membership is Now Free!!!

Westminster Cathedral hosted this year’s AGM last Thursday (11/07). It was a fantastic day, I would like to offer a huge thank you to those members that attended the meeting.

The National Executive Committee have made the decision to suspend all joining subscription fees.

Traditionally the monies collected from annual subscriptions have been used to pay for the Requiem Mass. Alternative revenue sources have been explored and the NEC are confident that the costs of the Requiem can be covered by donations made directly from all 43 Police Forces in England & Wales. This was discussed openly at the AGM and members present expressed their support.

If you are currently a paying member, the NEC would like you to consider continuing your standing order, or PayPal subscription, as a donation to the Guild. This will provide surplus funds that can be made available for charitable causes throughout the year. If you wish to cancel, you are free to do so and your membership status will not be affected.

If you are a member and you have not been receiving emails from the NEC, please provide your details for our member database here.

The official minutes are in the process of being typed, they will be circulated via email and published on our website.

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