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Fr Barry Lomax awarded Long Service Certificate

Congratulations to Fr Barry Lomax, National Chaplain of Catholic Police Guild and Force Lead Chaplain for GMP, awarded the Long Service Certificate from Chief Constable Stephen Watson QPM in a celebration event on Tuesday 26th March.

For the past 23 years, Fr Barry has served as a chaplain for Greater Manchester Police, providing a listening ear and much-needed support for force officers and staff of all faiths and none.

Last year, Fr Barry left behind parish life and embarked on a full-time position with the force to head up and grow the chaplaincy service at GMP.

Fr Barry explained: “I became a volunteer chaplain with GMP in the summer of 2001 and was appointed to serve Q District Oldham. Sadly, a few months prior PC Alison Armitage had been killed 5th March whilst making an arrest. Some years later, PC Nichola Hughes and PC Fiona Bone were also killed on duty and I remember well, like so many others, that terribly sad day.


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