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Easter calls each of us away from the familiar of our day to day activities, and leads us to the empty cold tomb of a man crucified as a criminal on “a green hill far away, outside a city wall”.

Here the Son of God breaks the fetters of death forever, as he rises in glory with the promise of life everlasting, for all those who, like Mary of Magdalen, St. Peter and St. John enter the tomb with doubt and disbelief but leave it in the faith and joy of the Risen Lord.

May this Easter find you and your families filled with that same faith and joy as those who came quickly away and ran to tell the others what they had seen. For like them, we too rejoice in Christs' victory over sin and death.

For He is Risen, as he said he would, Alleluia Alleluia!

On behalf of the Catholic Police Guild of England & Wales, may I wish you and your families, a very Blessed Easter.

Fr. Barry Lomax

The National Chaplain


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