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Following contacts made at last years Requiem Mass with colleagues from the National Crime Agency (NCA) some of the Guilds' National Executive Committee were invited to attend, to offer any support and further explain the role of the Guild, the first meeting of the newly established "NCA Catholic Guild of St Michael".

It was held in the beautiful surroundings of The Oratory of St Philip Neri in Birmingham, founded by the then John Henry Newman in 1848.

The full history of the Oratory and St. John Henry Newman can be found via their website

Following the meeting we were taken on a private tour of the museum, dedicated to his life and works, by its curator which all present found most informative even to those with knowledge of this great English saint. Some of the artefacts can be seen on the attached photos along with the interior of the Oratory.

I'd highly recommend anyone who is in the vicinity of Birmingham to pay a visit. At some point in the future it's certainly a place that I would envisage the Guild organising a group visit to.

We would also like to wish our NCA colleagues well with their new network, The NCA Catholic Guild of St. Michael and they are assured of our prayers and support.


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