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Celebrate the Feast of St Michael with the Catholic Police Guild

Today is the Feast of Saint Michael, our patron, and there will be two Masses celebrated, one in the North and one in the South. COVID-19 has obviously impacted the way we organise and deliver key events, however I am very pleased to inform you that Mass will be celebrated with some members present.

In the North, Mass will be said by our National Chaplain Fr Barry Lomax from his Parish Church, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Westhoughton, BL5 3DU, at 18:00hrs. I am pleased to announce that this Mass will be streamed live via Church Services TV. The link to our stream can be found by clicking here.

I apologise in advance, there will be no after Mass refreshments at Westhoughton due to COVID restrictions, once Mass has ended it is expected that all attendees will leave the site. We hope you are all staying safe and are able to attend to celebrate with us, either in person or online.

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