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Because of our Fathers

Author: Tyler Rowley, and 23 Catholics

ISBN: 978-1-62164-347-0

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This is book is relevant for every Guild member, though perhaps a little more for men. Tyler Rowley has assembled the stories of 23 Catholics, specifically in respect of their fathers and the significant influence they had on their Catholic formation.

One of the Guild aims is "to foster respect and love within the family." As we all know, the family unit is paramount for the stable formation of children, both for matters temporal and spiritual. Mother's play a crucial role, of course; but research shows that the role of the Father has the largest impact on their children's religious views. Rowley's book takes this point very personally, providing inspirational stories about what really mattered as the authors grew in faith and life.

From the back of the book:

"A father –– the head of the household, as Saint Paul says –– has a crucial role and responsibility in his family, not only materially, but spiritually. This is no outdated biblical cliche, but a biological, sociological, and metaphysical reality that we too often fail to recognise. The example of a father can leave an indelible imprint on the character of his children."

"In Because of Our Fathers, twenty-three Catholics –– including Patrick Madrid, Abby Johnson, Bishop Joseph Strickland, Father Paul Scalia, Jesse Romero, Anthony Esolen, Father Rocky, Christopher Check, and Father Gerald Murray –– give portraits of their own fathers as conduits and models of Christian love. Ranging from the heroic to the ordinary, these powerful testimonies will inspire men to consider more deeply the amazing privilege that God has given them to become, despite their imperfections, a living image of our Father in Heaven."


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