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(Playback) First Monday Polyphonic Mass: 6 December (St. Nicholas), Maiden Lane, 1830hrs

The next First Monday Mass for the Guild will take place on Monday 6 December at 1830hrs in Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane, London. This Mass will be:

  1. The feast of St. Nicholas, Bishop & Confessor, 3 cl.

  2. Celebrated by Fr. Gabriel Diaz Patri

  3. For the intentions of policing in London.

  4. Accompanied by polyphony – Victoria Missa Alma Redemptoris for 8 voices

St. Nicholas, a Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor is one of the most popular oriental saints. The spiritual and temporal needs of his flock were the first object of his pastoral care. The worker of miracles dies A.D. 342; his body was eventually enshrined at Bari in Italy.

A rather scratchy and shortened stream of the Mass for the Catholic Police Guild.

The Order of Mass can be found here:


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