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New CPG Southern Representative

DC Pete Wise from Cambridgeshire Constabulary has been appointed as the new South Representative for the Catholic Police Guild. He recently gave an interview to his local Force about his Catholic faith within policing...


Pete's faith brings light in dark times

DC Pete Wise became a police officer at the age of 42 because he wanted to make a difference to his community and society.

My faith as a Catholic ... has helped me many times in my police career.

He had joined the military as a teenager and then spent 20 years in the private sector before joining Cambridgeshire Constabulary. Now aged 61, his policing career has taken him from uniform, covering Ramsey and St Ives, to many areas of crime investigation.

Like most investigators, he has often experienced the darker side of human nature, but he attributes his resilience and inner strength to his Christian faith.

To coincide with this year’s Easter period, Pete spoke to Cambridge Constabulary's internal comms team about his faith and policing.

“My faith as a Catholic, specifically a Catholic of the traditional observance, has helped me many times in my police career.

"For example, having recently viewed truly horrific videos as part of an investigation, I was able to turn to my faith to give me peace of mind and comfort.

“Naturally, police officers encounter the darkest areas of society and, as a result, many officers utilise support counselling services. I know that my inner strength and resolve is directly attributable to my faith.

“My faith gives me the opportunity to mentally pray at any time of the day for any specific guidance I might need or reassurance. As a Catholic I am obligated to attend Mass on specific days, which may conflict with my duties. The church makes allowances and dispensation for this for necessary employment.

“Other days, which do not fall on rest days, I use annual leave and book these off in advance. I believe that my faith supports the police but feel that more could be done to educate people about the Catholic faith, who we are and what offends us, not only within the police, but within society in general.

“I am a member of the Catholic Police Guild. It is the oldest Guild in the police and was formed in 1914. The objectives of the Guild are:

  • To provide a fraternal environment through which members may exercise their professional roles and duties within the teachings of the Catholic faith.

  • To provide a focal point of opportunity for all employees of the police service of England & Wales to refer to when in need of spiritual guidance in respect of their professional duties.

  • To foster respect and love within the family.

  • To foster the belief in justice and loyalty

  • To encourage integrity, sincerity, truthfulness, kindliness, and strength of character.

"The Guild is open to all serving and retired police officers and civilian members of support staff.

"Additionally, I am a knight of the Militia Immaculata, whose chief aim is to spread the word of Our Lady (The Blessed Virgin Mary) and, on occasions, hand out Miraculous Medals to those we feel are in need or would benefit. I have experienced the results of the medal and seen it in other recipients, which inspired me to become a knight.

"At 61, I have no interest in slowing down and look forward to the coming years doing what I enjoy so much."


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