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One Lord One Faith

Author: Msgr Vernon Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-58617-199-5

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This is charming book, full of humility as Vernon Johnson navigates his unexpected journey from Anglican ministry to highly regarded Catholic priest. On an Anglican visit to Lisieux he is touched by the Faith, and realises – but not immediately – that there can be but one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church which aligns to scripture, and he wasn't in it.

Having completed his conversion story, he lays out the classic apologetic arguments for the Faith.

Msgr Johnson offers an uncanny parallel of social change in 1920s, driven by modernism, which are easily recognisable today.

Per the back notes from the book:

In this classic work of apologetics, Monsignor Vernon Johnson, a former Anglican minister and Catholic convert through encountering the life of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, presents a systematic and clear treatment based on solid Scriptural evidence for the case that there is only "one Lord, one Faith and one Baptism".
A very well-regarded and happy Anglican clergyman in England, Johnson had no interest in, and was indeed very prejudiced against, the Roman Catholic Church. But on a chance side visit to the Carmel of Lisieux during a trip to France, he had a totally unexpected, and life-changing encounter with the person and story of St. Thérèse, who had lived and died at that monastery. The inspiring witness of her life of deep holiness and love for Christ caused Johnson to begin examining the doctrines of the Catholic Church.
After much study and prayer, Johnson was convinced of the claims of the Catholic Church to be "the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ to guard and teach the truth to all men until the end of time". Nevertheless, he struggled greatly and suffered much over leaving his beloved church and parishioners to become a Roman Catholic. This book was written to explain to his many friends and followers how he came to the decision to become a Catholic. His thorough, lucid documentation from Sacred Scripture presents a compelling, biblically-based argument for the authenticity of the Roman Catholic Church.


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