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Guild Requiems in London - 8 & 9 November

Monday 8 November, 1830hrs, Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane, London

Tuesday 9 November, 1500hrs, Westminster Cathedral

The Catholic Police Guild has a long history supporting members, families and policing. As per the recent newsletter, Prayer for the Dead is incumbent on all Catholics to ease the sufferings of those in Purgatory, and there is no such a thing as 'too much prayer'. Fr. Robinson's sermon at the All Saints Mass for the Guild made exactly this point: An abundance of prayer wins more souls for heaven.

The Guild National Requiem is taking place at 1500hrs in Westminster Cathedral on Tuesday 9 November. You can read more here.

Throughout next year the London region committee hope to add many more Masses in London in general and for feast days. This will be in addition to other Crusades and requests for private prayer. All to generate an abundance of supernatural grace!

As such, this year,

  • Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane, venue for our inaugural series of Guild Masses,

  • will celebrate a Requiem Mass for departed Catholic police officers and staff; and Guild members,

  • on Monday 8 November at 1830hrs

This will be in the Tridentine Rite, probably familiar to most Guild members in its 107 year Guild history.

Afterwards some members will be meeting for dinner. If you would like a place reserving, please contact Alex Blatchford.

There are some interesting resources showing the Guild at the then-normative Tridentine Rite in years past. Note the attribution if you intend to use. Each image links to the original.

?? 14 November, 1938: Officers assisting at Mass


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