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National Chaplain's Easter Message

The road to paradise like so many other roads in life has it’s twists and turns along the way and journeys end at times may seem a far distant destination. But with good preparation and determination the light at the end of a sometimes dark tunnel beckons as the Season of Lent gives way to the joy and bright promise of Easter and darkness once more gives way to light. Liturgically for us the end is pretty much a given; forty days and forty nights of doing without whatever it was we decided to give up or possibly take on, and its mission accomplished. But Holy Mother the Church isn’t as clear cut and clinical about the Easter journey as that. Indeed throughout our life, she continually reminds us that it’s a journey that continues until our own journey on earth is complete.

As in years past the whole Christian world will rightly proclaim on Easter Day that Jesus is truly risen from the dead. This is at the very heart of our faith and is its principal mystery. For we believe and proclaim that the Resurrection of Jesus isn’t only an historical event but an ever-present reality which influences the life of each one of us. Jesus’ Resurrection not only changed the course of history, it has the power, through faith, to transform our lives too. So with immense joy and confidence we proclaim once again that Jesus Christ is the true Light of the world, the Light which shines in the darkness, the Light which no darkness can ever extinguish. On behalf of the Catholic Police Guild of England & Wales may I wish you all a very Blessed Easter. Alleluia!

Fr. Barry Lomax The National Chaplain.

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