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Fr. Barry Lomax - CPG Christmas Message

This is baby Lucca who is the newest addition to my parish here in the Diocese of Salford. Whenever a baby is born they bring with them Love, Joy & Hope. Advent is that time of waiting in hope and Christmas fulfils that hope with love & joy. So, it seems to me, that it is entirely right and proper that Christmas should begin for us all with the long-awaited birth of the baby Jesus. It’s also a time of Peace on earth and goodwill to all and for me a small baby like Lucca, encourages those ideals. Very often you find people speak in hushed voices when in the presence of a baby and the smile of a baby warms the heart and brings about a sense of peace to even the grumpiest of souls. God knew what he was doing in sending us all a baby to nurture, love and care for. He wanted to remind us that amongst all those so called important issues, and all those grievances and disputes that far too often, take up too much of our time, an innocent baby disarms our inner turmoil and directs our minds to those things that really do matter. The Catholic Police Guild of England & Wales, established and supported by Christian morals and values is or should strive to be, a beacon of those very same hopes. With love and joy it gathers and supports our police officers and staff in their difficult role, to serve and protect. On behalf of the Catholic Police Guild I wish you all a very Blessed Christmas and Peaceful New year.


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